Barge/Towboat Repairs

McGinnis, Inc. provides towing and fleeting services to the marine industry on the Ohio River. Our fleet of vessels, ranging from 850 to 2200 horsepower, gives us the ability to offer a wide range of towing and harbor services.

We can help in all phases of barge handling including:

  • Barge fleeting
  • Barge towing
  • Assists in/out
  • Make/break tows
  • Pickups/drops
  • Cleaning
  • Long haul towing
  • Tug assistance at Greenup Locks & Dam
Our multiple fleeting areas, located along the Ohio River from South Point, OH to the Hebron, Ky – Cincinnati, OH area, allow us to provide timely and convenient fleeting services throughout our service area.
Locations That Offer Barge/Towboat Repairs Services
Harahan, Louisiana
Lower Miss River Mile 107
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Hartford, Illinois
Upper Miss River Mile 198.5
View Location ›
Paducah, Kentucky
TN River Mile 4.5
View Location ›
Sayler Park, Ohio
OH River Mile 483
View Location ›
Sheridan Shipyard – South Point, Ohio
OH River Mile 320.4
View Location ›
Charleston, Missouri
Lower Miss River Mile 949
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