Beaver Bunker

A storm shelter, bunker or bomb shelter is essential in preparing your family for more severe weather patterns and escalating political and social instability. McNational specializes in customized steel fabrication and can provide a storm shelter and/or a fully customizable bunker or bomb shelter to accommodate your needs.

With locations in South Point, Ohio, Paducah, Kentucky, Hartford, Illinois and Harahan, Louisiana, we have the capacity to the competition. We have over 100 years of fabrication and coatings experience and our quality is second to none. We service what we sell and are in it for the long haul. Visit our sister sites to learn more about what we do.

Beaver Bunker Features

  • Strategic locations reduce logistical costs
  • Shelters and bunkers can be bought and installed worldwide on your property
  • We can supply property with bunker or shelter installed and ready to live in
  • We can provide assistance with transportation to and from your bunker
  • We can outfit shelters and bunkers with necessary supplies
  • Standard and customizable models available


Rob Lynch, Senior Project Manager

(740) 377-4391

Bruce McGinnis, Chief Executive Officer

(740) 533-8948

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