Sandblasting and Painting

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The 69,000 square feet Blast & Paint Shop, with its fully enclosed, high production and energy efficient design, offers quick turn around times to reduce downtime maintenance costs for our customers.

Accommodating barges up to 300 feet long by 54 feet wide, we can sand blast and paint a dry cargo barge in 2 to 3 days, a tank barge in 3 to 4 days, and an oversized tank barge in 5 to 7 days regardless of weather. Our innovative design includes such elements as recyclable shot, heat and storm water recovery, automated blast nozzles, and a technologically advanced air filtration system. This design allows us to reduce VOC emissions, achieve 99% plus particle filtration, meet Department of Energy compressed air challenge, and reduce operating costs.

Paint Shop & Sandblasting:

  • EPA compliant enclosed system
  • Automated sand blasting
  • Vessels up to 300 feet long by 54 feet wide
Locations That Offer Sandblasting and Painting Services
Harahan, Louisiana
Lower Miss River Mile 107
View Location ›
Hartford, Illinois
Upper Miss River Mile 198.5
View Location ›
Paducah, Kentucky
TN River Mile 4.5
View Location ›
Sayler Park, Ohio
OH River Mile 483
View Location ›
Sheridan Shipyard – South Point, Ohio
OH River Mile 320.4
View Location ›
Charleston, Missouri
Lower Miss River Mile 949
View Location ›
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